The Humble Runner

Runners were always an enigma to me. Why? Just why? It’s 97° outside with 97% humidity, why are you running? It’s a torrential downpour with zero visibility, why are you running? It’s so cold outside, frostbite can occur within minutes of being outdoors, why are you running? It’s a beautiful spring day, not too hot, not too cold, with no wind, and clear skies, why are you running!?!

There are a million reasons why someone chooses to run and for the vast majority of us, it’s not to win a race.

Running is a humbling experience.

The New York City Marathon is the world’s biggest and most popular, with more than 52,000 finishers in 2018.

Do you know how many of those runners came in first place? Better yet, how many did not come in first place? How many of them spent days, weeks, months, even a year training for this race? Even more telling is to count the actual hours spent during that time training for the race.

It’s not about first place, it’s about that internal goal that everyone sets for themselves as individuals. I bet that the person who came in 52,000th place felt just as elated as everyone else when he/she finally crossed the finish line. No matter what that time may have been, they’re certainly better than me for showing up and completing such a monumental feat. Most people, including runners will never run a marathon.

If you can accept being passed, not finishing first, and knowing that you cannot blame anyone but yourself, you won’t be a humble runner. You will be so much more!

I run because it’s something I never thought I could do. I run because with each step, I gain a greater sense of pride and confidence. I run because it makes me feel accomplished. I run because I am blessed enough to have the capability to. I run because I am in complete control. I run because of the intimacy I have with my own mind, body, and soul. I run because I am completely in the moment. I run because I’ve always wanted to understand that why.

I run for all of this too!

Running accepts everyone. Running is for both the young and the old. Running is for both the males and the females. Running is for both the thin and the thick. Running is for both the rich and the poor. Running is for whatever race, religion, beliefs and preferences one may belong to. Running is for anyone who is willing to put on those sneakers and put one foot in front of the other. Because once you do, nothing else matters. It’s just you against yourself and I’d bet on you every time. 😉

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