Friendship Friday, Ugh

In the wee months of 2019, I started this new blog and was quite consistent in writing. Then March came, LOL, and apparently I started living more than “a little.” Apparently I was “Living A Lot” and so much so that I haven’t written since. Until today, and of course I picked Friday aka “Friendship Friday” here on this blog. I didn’t pick “Travel Thursday” so that I could share all of my adventures this year. I didn’t pick “Living Healthy Sunday” so that I could share all of the running I did this past year. Nope, “Friendship Friday.” The one area I did not better myself at. I didn’t even finish the book I was basing my posts off of.

This was a busy year. Somewhere in the middle I became overwhelmed with going here and there and doing this and that and to be honest, I still haven’t quite recovered from feeling like I was being pulled in 10 different directions. The one area that I sacrificed to do what I had to do and to do what I wanted to do (it wasn’t all outside forces, I did have fun this year too) was my friendships. I missed out on a lot a girl time. I missed out on dinners and date nights and play dates with the kids. I don’t feel as close as a I did a year ago with a handful of friends for the simple reason that I missed out on so much. And it’s my fault. One important point that I do remember the book making is that you have to make the effort. I didn’t. Not like I should have. #newyeargoals

HOWEVER, I did make one new friend. Actually she is forced to be my friend because I see her everyday and we live together! Meet GRACIE!!!

Gracie is my sweet rescue mutt (I say that with love) and she might just take over a whole new category and day on this blog. Who else is a dog lover out there????

(This was not how I envisioned my long awaited post to go. It’s a bit mish moshy, but hey… it’s been awhile.) 😉

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