Run the Year

First off, since I am proud of myself, I am going to share the running that I did this year. I should back up though to 2018 when I ran my very first half marathon as a bucket list item before turning 40. I didn’t do much more than that in the world of running that year other than let that HM plant a seed for 2019. My goal for this current year was to run more and enter more races and that I did.

My connecting Triboro Challenge Medals!

The thought of a half marathon was still intimidating and I thought I was a crazy person when I signed up for 3 of them in January as part of a Triboro Challenge here in NYC. The runs were in February, April and October and I completed them all to receive the trilogy of medals which to be honest was why I signed up for this particular event(s) in the first place. (I do love the bling!) What is even better than that though is that I accomplished another goal of mine, which was to complete a half marathon in under 2 hours! After completing the February HM in 2:00:01… yah that’s right {insert eye roll emoji} I did complete the other two in under two with a PR of 1:56:42. I am quite proud of that!

I did add in one more half marathon this year, the Brooklyn Half, which was tough. I was recovering from an injury, I didn’t train like I wanted, and I realized that I hate running in heat. Needless to say, I struggled and I even had to stop to walk (always a goal not to) but, I did finish and despite all of that, I was still proud of my 2:04:59 finish time.

Can you believe this one? I actually placed 3rd in a race and received an award!?! It was a cold, cold windy March 10K. I feel as though it was the type of day that people would wake up and say, eh… not today, and roll back to bed. (LOL) I, on the other hand, didn’t realize how cold it really was until I got out there. It was so cold that I actually ran in my winter jacket. Anyhoo… there were only about 230 runners and in my (new) age bracket (40-49), I came in 3rd! It was so cold I ran that 10k in 52:57, a PR for me. I was shocked to find that it was good enough to place (competition is intense out here), but hey… I gladly took it! 🙂

My swag arrived today. I haven’t decided yet what message I want to leave my future self. I thought that was a nice touch though.

For this upcoming new year I decided to take on a whole new challenge. It is a challenge that excites me and frightens me at the same time. I have signed up with Run the Edge to run 2020 miles in 2020!!! Now to be honest, I am not going to actually run 2020 miles, I can add walking in to the mix as well. However, I am tackling this challenge alone and I am only going to count intentional miles. To break it down, it is about 168 miles a month and just over 5 miles a day. That still seemed daunting to me, so I broke it down even further. My goal for January is to run 68 miles and to walk 100, which means that after I get my running miles out of the way, I have to walk just over 3 miles a day. Enter my dog and all of the walking that I do with her on a daily basis and that doesn’t sound so far fetched. Don’t get me wrong, this is going to be a brutal challenge. Yet at the same time, it’s not impossible. It has given me that tingle of nervousness for stepping outside of my comfort zone, and that is a good thing. That is what I was am looking for this year.

Run the Year… I will definitely be doing that.

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