Run the Year

I will be running right through 2020, I just hope it doesn’t go by too quickly.

Friendship Friday, Ugh

It’s my “big” return to this blog after 10 months and I picked the worst day, lol.

I am fierce!

Early January I signed up to run 3 half marathons, one each in February, April and October. A few days after beginning my training, I found a Facebook group called Run Motivators and joined that group to help keep me motivated to get out and run during the cold dark days of January. One of…

National Plan a Vacation Day

Did you know there was a National Day for Planning a Vacation!?!? (Even if you didn’t know, it’s probably not too shocking considering there seems to be a national day for just about everything, lol) Well, that day was Tuesday, January 29. Did anyone plan a vacation??? I can’t say that I actually planned a…

The Humble Runner

A humbling experience can often pave the way to see things in a different light.